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Marmore - Cars Were Supposed To Fly By Now

Cars Were Supposed To Fly By Now by Marmore out now!

Marmore’s long awaited new ep, Cars Were Supposed To Fly By Now is finally out! Being a close friend to these guys for more than 10 years, this is a release I’m particularly proud...

Lvtn, 2015

LVTN coming soon

LVTN from Rome just announced their first LP. I’ll be honoured to co-release it together with a wild bunch of other labels, such as Shove, Sonatine, Tanato, Uà, HHR, Nut’s Tape, Atomic Soup and...

Initiation Into Nothingness finally available!

Initiation Into Nothingness is finally out – and it’s already getting awesome reviews! “Across the span of shrapnel-infested, unifying blackened hardcore aggression, TUTTI I COLORI DEL BUIO will show the listener the true meaning of despair,...

Tutti I Colori Del Buio, 2015

Initiation Into Nothingness announced

Initiation Into Nothingness is the first TICDB album, and it will be released on October 8 2016. BTR is co-releasing it with Dischi Bervisti, Shove, Sonatine and Dingleberry. The first preview from it is...

One side 12" with silkscreen on the other one

Un omaggio a Nerorgasmo finally available

After a long delay from the pressing plant, copies of 1985-2015: un omaggio a Nerorgasmo finally landed at BTR HQ. Grab your copy before it’s too late!

1985-2015, un omaggio a Nerorgasmo

1985-2015, Un omaggio a Nerorgasmo

From today you can stream our next release 1985-2015 Un omaggio a Nerorgasmo on Noisey Italia. Gerda, Tutti I Colori Del Buio, Storm{O} and Chambers cover the influential Nerorgasmo EP, thirty years later. One side 12″ LP, screenprinted on the...

Cani Sciorri - Parte II

Cani Sciorri – Parte II out now!

Cani Sciorri is one of the longest living bands from the Granda noise scene. This time they delivered eight alcohol infused tracks, which will make fans of acts like Unsane, Refused or Jon Spencer...

Last Minute To Jaffna 2014

Last Minute To Jaffna – Volume II available soon

Last Minute To Jaffna’s long awaited Volume II 2xLP will finally see the light in a few weeks, co-released by ourselves and Shove Records. Label it as post metal, ambient sludge or whatever. This...

Diade(ms) 7"

Diade(ms) out now!

After a long wait, Diade(ms) is finally out! This is a special release to me, since it’s the first record I release in which I’ve not been involved in any way. Indeed, I’m a huge...