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Paul Beauchamp - Needs Must When The Devil Drives

Needs Must When The Devil Drives

In february I’ll release Paul Beauchamp’s Needs Must When The Devil Drives, new album by Paul Beauchamp, in collaboration with Silentes records. Here’s a video trailer for the album

New website!

Despite being quite a pain in the ass, the lockdown finally gave me the chance to completely renew Bare Teeth Records website. I also added a webstore section, which I plan to expand as...

Cani Sciorri - Ten Tacos And One Burrito

Ten Tacos And One Burrito out today

Ooops, Cani Sciorri did it again. They went back to the USA, Los Angeles this time, to record their new album with Eddie Rivas (Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man). Weird, raw and pop at the...

Cani Sciorrì - Parte I

Parte I out now!

Earlier this year Cani Sciorrì flew to Austin TX to record their new album, Parte I. After a european tour opening for the legendary Cherubs, they immerged themselves in 90s noise rock again. The...