Please keep in mind this is a small DIY label run just by me and money is always running low.
If you want to send your demos they're welcome, but I'll hardly manage to release your music.

I'm not choosing bands to work with after a demo submission or a facebook/bandcamp/soundcloud/etc link. I'm old school and believe in karma, friendship and live experience: if your band is meant to be released on Bare Teeth our paths will cross some day. I like discovering bands and not bands being presented to me, just let it happen and don’t try to force it!

The fact you came here shows me I have done something right. BTR is visible, it's public. That’s probably what you are looking for sending an application to me. So here’s my suggestion: create something like this yourself. Team up with friends and start a label, a network, a booking agency and a PR department and do it like I and lots of other people did it. You’re gonna make much more money and will gain much more public interest than if I would do this for you.

- Thanks to the guys at Exile On Mainstream for their inspiration ;) -


IMPORTANT: if you're involved with white suprematism/homophobia/sexism and stuff like this, save your time (and mine), don't contact me.


If you want to get stuff to review records/interview bands I release, feel free to get in touch! 
info [at]


I'm always trying to help bands in roster tour. To book them please write here: booking [at]